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Custom knitwear manufacturers for all kinds of women knit garments, such as knit sweaters, knit cardigan, knit coats, knit pullovers, knit dresses, etc. Custom knit garments with simple and atmospheric style. The delicacy and softness of cashmere give you unique warmth and comfort in autumn, which can be worn alone or with a coat to decorate you at different times. Two kinds of yarns mixed together. Cardigan design makes everyone easy to change their styles. High-quality yarn combined with a high level of skill is perfectly presented on this cashmere knitted garment, which combines comfort with warmth.


Umakin is a professional custom knitwear manufacturer for more than 20 years, our knit clothes are sold well globally. There are multi kinds of knit garments & knit sweaters for selection, welcome to contact us for custom women knit clothing. 

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