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Company news

Company news


In the face of the impact of the global epidemic situation, under the situation of continuous production reduction and shutdown of foreign trade in 2020, the company actively strives to explore and accelerate the resumption of production with the spirit of facing the difficulties. Under the circumstance that the company actively completes the production of customers' existing orders, the company supports each other with the customers to overcome the difficulties. In the case of the original production capacity, the company will continue to purchase new machines to expand certain production capacity and build sample rooms. The company will complete the upgrading of sample rooms before the peak in the second half of 2020, so as to meet the customers' demand for more and faster samples. During the global epidemic, foreign trade was greatly affected, the company also actively developed domestic high-end customers, in order to maintain the continuous operation of the factory, as well as to supplement the production capacity. The company will be more professional and more efficient to receive and meet the needs of customers.

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